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4 April 2016 | RosewoodCutters


Shot & Edited by Brando |

30 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters

Rosewood Bellflower |Cut by Francis

Cut by Francis at Rosewood Bellflower.

25 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters


We partnered up with Slick to create a limited edition pin set that was masterfully designed to showcase his iconic “LA Hands” and our Rosewood “LA Blade”. Showcasing his personal collection gave our guest an opportunity to gauge into the world of graffiti and modern art.


Thanks to Mr.ROTU for setting that good vibe music and The Rooster Truck for providing us with some of the best food in LA.


Thank you for all your love and support… Till next time!




22 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters


Rosewood Barber has partnered with world renowned graff artist OG Slick to release a limited edition three piece pin set.  Featuring Slick’s iconic “LA Hands” and Rosewood’s “LA Blade”, Slick masterfully merged the two creating a one of a kind collaboration piece that demonstrates the harmonious synergy between artists and craftsmen.

12 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters


Shot & Edited by Brando |

9 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters


Hiking Potato Chip Rock at Mt Woodson, 30 minutes north of San Diego.


7 March 2016 | RosewoodCutters


Founded in 2015, Rosewood Hitters is the official dance team of Rosewood Barbershop. “We are a group of Alumnis’ from various dance teams in the community that can’t fully commit to dance like we used to but are not ready to hang up those dancing shoes. Along with our fellow barbers at Rosewood Barbershop we also value doing community outreach and service with our passion of dance and art.” -Richie Bandoy


Come and support our team as they compete on March 26 at Urban Street Jam in Anaheim CA.