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1 August 2014 | Tom








Model: Elena Romanova

Photographer: Jason Palacio

19 July 2014 | Tom


18 July 2014 | Tom





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16 July 2014 | RosewoodCutters


Haircut: Low Bald Fade with a Clark Kent hard part.

Product: American Crew – Fiber and  Precision Shave Gel


14 July 2014 | Tom





One of our popular designs are back! The LA Blade symbolizes respect and admiration not only for our barbers but for the City of Angels. The Prestigious Society Tank comes with Black and White colorways with a Cutters logo emblem on the left side pocket.



                                                            NOW AVAILABLE

11 July 2014 | Tom


1 July 2014 | RosewoodCutters




Our homie Randy Class, a very talented singer/songwriter from New York just dropped his debut EP entitled Metanoia. Take a listen to “True Story”, my favorte song from the EP.

23 June 2014 | Tom




16 June 2014 | Tom





The Spurs wrapped up the championship against the defending champions Miami Heat finishing off a 4-1 triumph. The San Antonio Spurs secured championship number 5 in the past 15 years for the franchise with Tim Duncan being the second active player with 5 championship rings along with Kobe Bryant at this point . Kawhi Leonard is the 6th player to be named MVP of the NBA finals in a season in which they were not named to an All-Star team and also one of the youngest player to receive Finals NBA. Tim Duncan was 20 yrs old when he received the Finals MVP. Congratulations to San Antonio Spurs!



16 June 2014 | Tom




The Hoverboard by ZR features a board resembling a wakeboard that is attached to a personal watercraft (PWC), such as a jet ski, via an 18 m long hose. This supplies a flow of water that is expelled through a single nozzle with enough energy to propel the rider through the air at adrenalin-pumping speeds and heights. The 18 m of hose allows the companion jet ski rider to travel safely behind the Hoverboard user, giving them enough space to safely glide through the air and perform some fancy tricks…

to be cont…