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28 August 2015 | RosewoodCutters

For the final installment of this three part series we would like to present to you #TheChoppinBloack “Future.” We follow Rosewood owner, Francis Sampang on the last few days of construction at the new Rosewood LA. He gives us a tour of the shop and shares his thoughts about the journey thus far.

28 August 2015 | Jon

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Meet Francis Sampang, owner of Rosewood Barbershop and co-founder of Rosewood Cutters.  A New Jersey native, Fran decided he was done with the freezing temperatures and made his way to the Golden State in 2000 where he could enjoy the year-round summer weather.  As an ambitious, business-minded individual, he realized that Cerritos College wasn’t going to get him where he wanted.  He pursued a barbering license as a backup, since traditional schooling wasn’t going to help him pay the bills.  Honing his craft since he was 14 years old, Francis has dedicated his life to his profession and has influenced the evolution of barbershop culture to what it is today.  A true entrepreneur, he has found success by attacking every opportunity as if it was his last.  ”Set goals, make sacrifices, and take risks.”

27 August 2015 | Jon


With the opening of our Los Angeles location, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce everyone to our Rosewood family.


Meet Prince Sampang.  He’s a manager of Rosewood Los Angeles, die hard Knicks fan, and an artist of arguments.  Prince grew up in Piscataway, New Jersey but traded his North Face jackets for tank tops in 2010 when he came to LA on his summer vacation and never went back.  He spends his down time listening to Dame Dash and Warren Buffet interviews and other motivational speeches because he says he’s always hungry for more.  Oh, yeah and Prince is his real name.

26 August 2015 | RosewoodCutters

Now we present part 2 of #TheChoppinBlock series, “Present.” As we grow so does our brand. We opened our doors at Buena Park in 2011, debuting a classic aesthetic mixed with some modern flare. The Cutters brand and Rosewood Radio followed soon after and we began to build our empire.

24 August 2015 | RosewoodCutters

As promised here is the first installment of our 3 part series #TheChoppinBlock “Past.” Get to know some of the butchers from the original shop in Bellflower California, alongside the bossman himself, owner Francis Sampang.

17 July 2015 | Prince


We want to thank everyone that came to our first Rosewood Barber & Stylist mixer.  It was a great platform for all of us to network with each other as well as showcase different talents. Big thanks to our special guest barbers/stylist for showcasing their artistry; Tre The Barber (Cut Above Barbershop), Marlene/ Marcreations (stylist), Fernando/ Globalcuts, Leija the Barber (American Barbershop) and Marlon Miranda (Rosewood).  The live showcase demonstration was definitely something unique that allowed barbers and stylists to present their skills as well as teach others ther tricks of their trade.  It was a great turnout and hope to see many more of you at our next event!

13 June 2015 | RosewoodCutters


Video by Matthew Nguyen|@matthewvnguyen & Alain Vo|@alain_loves_movies