Before podcast became more mainstream there was Rosewood Radio. Back in 2011 we started our very own platform that integrated music and barbershop talk that aired live at Rosewood Barbershop every Tuesday night with our good friends @thegabbydiaz @iama_ron and @lavcarter. This was a outlet to voice our opinions on music, news, fashion, and industry gossip. Our guest ranged from RNB signer Tinashe, LA Lakers star Metta World Peace, funny man Tim (DeLaGhetto) Chantarangsu, Poo Bear and even the Jabbawockeez paid a visit at our Buena Park location to name a few.

Although the 3 years of airing live came and gone were so proud of our host Gabby Diaz having her own show in SF @wild949 and DJA_Ron killing it in LV on @Hot975vegas. We miss you guys… thank you for all the memorable experience!

Tim (DeLaGhetto) Chantarangsu



Poo Bear

Metta World Peace